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The unique concept of Varos Village Hotel & Residences gives you a chance of an unprecedented holiday on Lemnos island. With authenticity, Luxury and Tradition being our core values.

Lemnos’ stunning beaches are all so beautiful that each one is a strong contender for the title of best beach on the island! We’ve made a list of our favourites to recommend to you, so you can visit them all during your time in Lemnos. Almost all beaches on the island are organized, providing sun loungers and umbrellas for maximum comfort of beachgoers.

Varos Village Boutique Hotel is ideally located in the center of the island, which makes it an absolute breeze to reach almost all of beaches on Lemnos. All those listed here vary from just a 3 to 20 minute drive from the hotel.

Kotsinas Beach is 3 minutes by car from the hotel, and is one of the best and most easily accessible beaches on this side of the island. It is ideal for families with young children. It has shallow, very warm waters, owing to the groundwater that flows from hot springs in the area. Adjacent to Kotsinas beach lies the picturesque harbour rimmed with fishing boats, and a few quaint taverns. Actually in Kotsinas town, you will find the “Zoodochou Pigis” church with holy water flowing underground, and the statue of “Maroula”, a local heroine. Around the church you will see the ruins of the once formidable medieval castle of Kotsinas. Access to the beach is via a paved road that reaches the sea. Walking beside the beach, you can witness the wild, rare and protected sea lilies, a most beautiful type of flower.

About 10 minutes drive from the hotel, Keros Beach has calm, warm waters and close-to-perfect wind conditions during the summer months, which is why it is a popular kitesurfing spot. There are two windsurfing schools on Keros Beach providing kitesurfing equipment for rent and lessons, while the beach’s wide expanse makes it the perfect place to practice in absolute freedom!

Megalo (Big) Fanaraki Beach is about 10 min drive from the hotel, very close to Moudros and is one of the most popular beaches of the area. There are many caves and spectacularly shaped rocks, making the beach the perfect destination for intrepid explorers. If you are lucky, you may even see some seals!

On the other side of the bay, there is its ‘younger sister’ beach, called Mikro (Little) Fanaraki.

Havouli Beach is just 3 kilometers from Moudros, about 10 minutes drive from the hotel. Located in a large bay with golden sand and crystal clear waters, the beach is sheltered from the north winds, and its calm waters are ideal for swimming throughout the year. If you take a walk along the beach, you will find the wild, rare and protected sea lilies, a most beautiful type of flower.

After exploring the sand dunes, enjoy a swim at Gomati Beach to recharge and refresh! Gomati has shallow water, fine golden sand and if it’s windy, it becomes one of the best beaches on the island for surfing.

Zematas Beach combines fine, white sand and crystal clear, turquoise, calm waters. The sea is shallow here, making it perfectly suited for families with young children.

Markris Yialos is a vast, spectacular beach, with blue waters, right next to the site of Poliochni by way of a small dirt road. From the sea, you can see “Troy”, the “sister” city of Poliochni in front of you.

Louri is a beautiful beach, and rare one at that because it is one of the few on the island with pebbles. Archaeological excavations nearby unearthed tools dating back to 12,000 years BC, making Louri especially significant, historically. It is located just after the village Scandali.

The vast sandy beach of Neftina has turquoise waters and a chapel on its north side. The cliffs are ideal for fishing. There is a creek here that cuts through the beach, pouring its clear blue waters into the Aegean sea. Beside the creek grow “tzitzifies” (a kind of local tree) lending the beach a unique look, and also offering cool shade from the hot summer sun.
In Neftina there is dirt road that starts from Kontopouli and leads to the nearby Kavireio, one of the most important archaeological sites of Lemnos. Just below it is the Cave of Philoctetes. These are two of the island’s attractions that should be visited.

South of Moudros, on the southeast edge of the bay, is Parthenomitos Beach. It is one of the largest and most secluded beaches of Lemnos, because there is an element of difficulty when accessing it. For this reason if you choose Parthenomito for a swim, you should remember to bring your own water, food and umbrella, especially if you plan to stay for hours on the beach. Access to Parthenomito is by a dirt road, yet once you get there, the sheer sight of Parthenomitou beach, with its sparkling, turquoise waters, will fully compensate you. Before reaching Parthenomito, you can visit the beach of Skidi.

To the north of Lemnos, the point where the island narrows to the peninsula of Plak, there you will find Saravari Beach. The beach has golden sand and shallow waters, and is very close to the archaeological sites of Hefaistia and Kavireia, some of the island’s most important centres of antiquity. You can easily combine a visit to these fascinating archaeological sites with a dip in the cool waters of Saravaris beach. You will arrive there following the dirt road that starts from the village of Kontopouli.

After exploring the Faraklo volcanic rock formations, you can visit the beach of Virgin Mary of the Little Well, with its brownish, red sand and the deep blue sea. It takes its name from a natural water well, which is located right in the middle of the beach.

On the road that connects Thanos village with the southeast of Lemnos, as you pass from the popular beach of Thanos you will come across one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Lemnos, the Evgatis (Nevgatis). The all-white fine sand stretches for about two kilometers and the deep blue sea here is absolutely refreshing. The tranquility of the countryside and the vast expanse of sand create a calm aura here even on the busiest, summer days. In Lemnos you will often hear Evgatis beach referred to as “Nevgatis”.

Here you will find Lemnos at its most cosmopolitan. Close to the beach of Romeikos and Myrinas village is Riha Nera, with numerous tavernas and beach bars, loud music, sun loungers, umbrellas and water sports facilities.

Avlonas is a bay outside Myrina with a beach and watersports. There are three volcanic islets along the bay, making it ideal for snorkeling.

This is the seaport of Kaspakas village. It offers shallow, clear waters and has one of the best sunsets on the island.

Very close to Myrina, ideal if you are looking for a comfortable and enjoyable beach with facilities.

This beach near Myrina, the most popular beach in the western part of the island, loud music and crowds all day.