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The unique concept of Varos Village Hotel & Residences gives you a chance of an unprecedented holiday on Lemnos island. With authenticity, Luxury and Tradition being our core values.


Happy Lent!

Dear Guests, Partners, Suppliers, my dear team.

We have entered Lent and we are discussing in the office how time runs like this… when it was that we said goodbye and wished “goodbye again in 2022” and when we arrived just before Easter and we are packing our luggage again, to meet all together on our beloved island, Lemnos!

We wished the coronavirus would allow us, after 2 years, to welcome you shaking hands again in welcome, seeing our authentic smiles, hidden behind masks for two summers, smiles that mirror our inner need to serve and take care of you. May we be allowed again, without fear, to embrace you on arrival, you who have preferred us for twelve years and feel that you are coming to your summer home.

On 15 March, new protection measures against the pandemic are announced and it seems that our wish is coming true. Probably by the summer masks will be abolished, the welcome will be allowed to be expressed again with the warmth that we Greeks have and our breakfasts will be served again in a buffet, without gloves and plexi glass protectors, so that you can enjoy and taste the handmade goodies that Patra and Kiki prepare every day with love for you in our kitchen.

I am well aware that in hotels, newsletters, social media posts and so on should always inspire optimism, joy and relaxation. However, Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine brings to the forefront the next crisis, which after the decade-long economic crisis and the pandemic afterwards, without taking a breath, we are now faced with a war that again affects all of humanity and we don’t know how it will turn out.

With Faith, Love, Hope, Patience, Optimism and seeing the glass always half full, we listen to what is happening in our neighbourhood. The anxiety is pervasive about the turn the war in Ukraine may take. We watch the images on television and think that in the place of these people who are being separated from their families, who are leaving their homes in a hurry, who are being lost as “collateral damage”, it could be us. So as Lent begins, let us pray, each in our own way, that this situation will end quickly and peacefully.

So I wish with all my heart and soul a Happy Lent to all! Have a great time in Lemnos with my team, our friends, partners and suppliers. Happy Lent to my team in Athens who together we take care of “Varos Village” all year round, with the same enthusiasm and need to create, as if it were always the first time!

Have a good time with all of you, our dear guests and visitors. You who have preferred us for years and you who will be joining us for the first time.

We are here, ready to welcome you and treat you with our heart and soul, so that you can rest, relax, fill your batteries and your luggage with wonderful memories!

With heartfelt wishes.
Lena K. Liaska
Founder & CEO