About us

The unique concept of Varos Village Hotel & Residences gives you a chance of an unprecedented holiday on Lemnos island. With authenticity, Luxury and Tradition being our core values.

Experience Lemnos traditional cuisine influenced by flavours from Egypt and Asia Minor. Discover the local techniques, raw materials and the family recipes that have been passed from generation to generation, now showcased by the hostess in the traditional-stone “kafeneion“ within the village square of Varos Village.

You will have the opportunity to make traditional dishes from scratch, such as local rooster with flomaria, k’likia, and meatballs with olives, while learning about the story of the village and all the customs of Lemnian hospitality. After cooking together, we can enjoy a homemade meal under the trees in the village square, with a famous Lemnos Muscat wine from Alexandria.

Please contact Reception Desk or e-mail at: reservations@varosvillage.com, in order to book your experience!