About us

The unique concept of Varos Village Hotel & Residences gives you a chance of an unprecedented holiday on Lemnos island. With authenticity, Luxury and Tradition being our core values.

Elia Summer Hub is not just a name given accidentally. Elia (means olive tree) is because of our loveable Elia standing there from ever, far before the pool was built. Hub is because this central point gathers all our guests, from early morning till late at night.

  • Daily from this hub you can relax and revive your senses.
  • Smell the thyme and oregano all over the place
  • Touch the terra lemnia and wrap your body in pool’s thermal water
  • Sigh the ancient volcano up to Moudros bay
  • Listen to the sheep bells ringing and roosters’ good morning
  • Taste muscat wine and authentic lemnian cullinary
  • Feel the aura and good energy all over the place
  • Vision our dream and join us in this magic journey
greek cuisine certificate