About us

The unique concept of Varos Village Hotel & Residences gives you a chance of an unprecedented holiday on Lemnos island. With authenticity, Luxury and Tradition being our core values.

Creative dishes packed with Lemnian and Greek flavors that will excite you, are served at every meal time. Recipes that have been born in tradition, passed on from one generation to the next, with a playful, contemporary undertone to tantalize your palate. Here, you can taste the refinement of our meraki * in offering you the finest of local cuisine! The freshness of ingredients sourced from our private veggie gardens and our passion for cooking guarantee the superiority of our dishes.

Passion for cooking is deeply rooted in our hostess’s personal story. Having spent nearly every summer of her life in Lemnos island, she has learned the secrets and skills of local gastronomy from the inside out, beside her grandmother who taught her the importance of preserving the island’s customs, and the key to being a wonderful host. Although you may have never met her before, you will be welcomed just like many have been welcomed by her over the year; like friends, like family, like fellows, like loved ones.

* Greek: when you put something of yourself into what you’re doing such as soul, creativity, or love.

With us, you will embark upon a culinary journey that goes back many Lemnian generations.

greek cuisine certificate

‘Elia Pool Bar Restaurant’ will be your first port of call when enjoying the wonderful poolside ambiance of the Varos Village Hotel. Here, you can indulge in moreish, light meals and snacks such as the most famous Greek comfort food ‘souvlaki’, fresh salads, delicious sandwiches and of course the dishes of the day, based on our veggie gardens’ seasonally production. It provides refreshments throughout the day, so you can savour your favourite beverage or drink whenever you want. Watch the sunset as you sip on the delectable, sweet Muscat wine or admire the starry night sky with one of our sensational, authentically Greek cocktails. What’s more is that you can even ask our bartenders to prepare a custom-made cocktail to fully appease your flavor palate.

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‘Veranda Restaurant’ boasts panoramic views as far as the eye can see, in addition to being awarded. It is the only restaurant in Lemnos to hold the certification of “Taste & Quality of Greek cuisine” by the Greek Tourism Organization for its menu. True to its name, it is set on a large veranda providing you with a feast for the eyes as well as for your taste. Here, you can delve into the pleasures of a mouthwatering lunch or elegant dinner of the highest standards. Each dish has been created with care at every step, using only the finest, freshest and most prized of local ingredients daily, thus guaranteeing the absolute freshness of every meal. We carry an extensive list of spirits; unique, Lemnian wines of Muscat variety and more, ouzo and tsipouro from our own bio vines so that you can choose the accompaniment that will really compliment your dish selection, by bringing out all depths of flavor.

Get to know how the menu of Veranda Restaurant has come about, by reading the personal note from the hostess of Varos Village Hotel & Residences, found below. Ms. Lena K. Liaska shares her story with you, that is rooted in culinary memories of familial tradition.