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The unique concept of Varos Village Hotel & Residences gives you a chance of an unprecedented holiday on Lemnos island. With authenticity, Luxury and Tradition being our core values.


The best of Lemnos

Lemnos gathers the lovers of tranquility, pristine beaches, and authenticity. There are numerous large sandy beaches in combination with the barren but enchanting volcanic landscape. Your holiday will be rounded off by interesting sights, from archaeological sites to the fossil forest of Moudros. Besides the capital Myrina, with the neoclassical mansions dominating the shadow of the Frankish castle, Lemnos includes over 40 picturesque villages with their own history and local colour.

My exploration included almost all of the island’s settlements: some tucked away in the inland, others along the coast, and almost all adorned with stone villas, farmhouses, red roofs, squares, grocery stores, picturesque kafenia, windmills, majestic churches, and Ottoman fountains.


In this area of villages and landscapes that tells stories of bygone times, the settlement of Varos caught my eye, with well-preserved stone houses – exquisite examples of the island’s traditional architecture. Varos is located in the center of the island and from there you can explore the whole island. The village, which is centuries old, is closely linked to the island’s mythology and history. Above Varos is Despoti Hill, where the island’s governor oversaw the extraction of the valuable “Limnia-Terra”. Just outside the settlement you can find the remains of a volcanic crater identified with the volcano Mosychlos. According to mythology, Hephestos fell into this crater when Zeus threw him from Olympus. At the entrance to the village, the well-preserved trunk of a petrified tree bears witness to the geological history of the island. In the past, the village was five hundred meters south-west of the present site, on the slope of the hill “St’vanos” opposite the bay of Moudros, where today the settlement of Anemoessa is located. Its residents moved the settlement in search of more protection from the pirates.

Today, Varos has found new life with the operation of a traditional hotel complex and the renovation and use of many of the village’s old buildings. The pharmacist’s house, the cotton warehouses of a famous exporter, the doctor’s house, the old café, the village grocery store have become places of hospitality for visitors looking for authentic tourist experiences. The whole village participates in this unique idea with little stores, coffee stores, tavernas etc, in bringing life back! The location is the ideal accommodation base if you plan to explore the whole island, which does worth it!

Our accommodation tip!

Varos Village Boutique Hotel is neither in the typical “seaside” summer resort location nor in the bustling capital of Myrina! Varos Village Boutique Hotel is a miniature of a Lemnian authentic village and the only certified boutique hotel on the island offering unique experiences: I smelled thyme and oregano in the air, listened to the sea breeze between the windmills and felt the pool’s thermal waters envelop both my body and soul. The Varos Village Boutique Hotel is centrally located. The well-kept complex offers everything a vacationer’s heart desires. I cooled down with a cocktail in the large pool and then off to my accommodation!

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The rooms feature a warm, earthy color palette, creating a cozy environment in a traditional style with modern amenities. In addition to the Executive and Deluxe rooms, you are also offered a variety of accommodation types: The Windmill Suite presents a unique combination of authentic tradition and unpretentious luxury. Here you will enjoy a unique accommodation experience in the first of Varos village’s 12 authentic windmills, dating back to 1830 and operating continuously until the mid-20th century.

Windmill Suite

The Superior Family Suite Sea View is an ideal choice for couples or families of up to 4 people looking for comfortable and luxurious accommodation in Lemnos and the

Windmill Family Suite is best suited if you are looking for family accommodation in Lemnos combined with absolute… Looking for privacy for the couple!

The Varos Residences feature spacious suites arranged on one or two levels, offering ample space for up to 5 guests for a unique vacation in a real Greek village.

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The Village Suite is the perfect choice for many types of travelers, such as families with children or couples and friends vacationing together. Spacious rooms with high wooden ceilings follow the traditional architecture of the village whilst being well equipped withall modern conveniences and exuding a sense of rustic luxury.  All rooms have a patio or balcony with a seating area and views of the garden/courtyard or a private patio.

By choosing Varos Residences, you’ll live like a local and feel like you’re staying at your best friend’s summer home, a warm philoxenia within the authentic village itself!

The best beaches
Our list of favorite beaches includes Kotsinas Beach which is one of the best and most accessible beaches on this side of the island. It has shallow, very warm water due to groundwater flowing from hot springs in the region. There are also three fish taverns, up on the beach, next to the picturesque little harbour.

Keros Beach offers calm, warm water and near-perfect wind conditions during the summer months. That is why it is a popular spot for kite surfing. with 3 spots located there and plenty of free space for kite and windsurfing.

aktivities kite surf limnos

Mikro Fanaraki Beach has many caves and spectacularly shaped rocks and Megalo Fanaraki is located a few meters further. If you’re lucky you might even see some seals! The extensive sandy beach of Neftina has turquoise waters and a chapel on the north side. The cliffs are ideal for fishing. There is a stream here that cuts through the beach and pours its clear blue waters into the Aegean Sea. Directly below is the cave of Filoktetes. These are two of the island’s attractions that should be visited. South of Moudros, on the south-eastern edge of the bay, is Parthenomitos Beach.

It is one of the largest and most secluded beaches of Lemnos as access is difficult. North of Lemnos, at the point where the island narrows to the Plak peninsula, is Saravari beach. The beach has golden sand and shallow waters and is very close to the archaeological sites of

Hefaistia and Kavireia, some of the island’s most important centers in antiquity. After exploring the volcanic rock formations of Faraklo, you can visit the Virgin Mary of the Small Well beach with its brownish red sand and deep blue sea.

Avlonas is a bay outside of Myrina with a beach and water sports. There are three volcanic islands along the bay that are ideal for snorkeling. This is the seaport of Kaspakas village. It offers shallow, clear water and has one of the best sunsets on the island.

Moving to the east you will find Moudros (with the fossil forest) and Poliochni (prehistoric settlement), to the north you should definitely visit Kaverio (take a bath from its uniquely beautiful rocks in the crystal clear waters) and the volcano while you will You will be mesmerized by the scenery at Alykes, a vast white lake that attracts large numbers of flamingos! The salt lakes are a protected wetland and if you are lucky you can gear up properly during the summer months and collect natural salt for winter recipes which is a unique experience!

The sand dunes
In the north of the island, on the slopes of the village of Katalakkos, is a rare site. The sand dunes are rolling hills of fine sand dunes and a few scattered bushes here and there that carry the desert charm to the north Aegean.


The dunes cover an area of ​​approximately 70 hectares in the Gomati region, forming a stunning landscape that is unique in Greece.

The thermal spring
Myth has it that this is the place where Hephaestus healed his injuries after Zeus threw him off Mount Olympus. The European travelers who came to Lemnos in the Middle Ages often mentioned the island’s hot springs. During the Ottoman Empire, the Turks built a bath and an inn here to accommodate visitors. Today, Lemnos thermal baths offer modern facilities and are an oasis in green surroundings. In addition to the spa, visitors can also enjoy mud therapy with the famous “Lemnia-Terra”, as well as therapeutic, relaxing massages and beauty treatments.

The waterfall
This waterfall is located near St. John Beach on the west of the island. The stream of Kaspakas Waterfall, known as the “Stream of the Katsaitis”, offers an impressive view with rushing water from a height of about 15 meters.