About us

The unique concept of Varos Village Hotel & Residences gives you a chance of an unprecedented holiday on Lemnos island. With authenticity, Luxury and Tradition being our core values.

Lemnos (Limnos) is a Greek island that is off the beaten track, far from the hype that more popular, jet set islands are associated with. A place that is still very much closely linked to its traditional roots, where life goes on as it and with urbanization drawing people from islands to cities, it came to be that some houses in villages were vacated, leaving buildings empty and unmaintained over the years. This was the case for the village of Varos, in the heart of Lemnos.

The village of Varos, used to be one of the richest in the island, but has fallen into ruin, due to lack of jobs and poverty. People have been driven far away for a better life and the village almost frozen in time.

The bold idea of our father, Kostas I. Liaskas, a Greek visualizer and entrepreneur was inspired to breathe life back into the neglected Varos village, deciding to salvage the traditional settlement. With his valuable experience and expertise as a civil engineer, as a family, we worked together with endless passion and we managed to lovingly restore the village of Varos to its past glory, by modernizing the facilities of the residences, whilst at the same time preserving the traditional Lemnian charm. It has meticulously adhered to the traditional local decor of earthy colours and materials, volcanic stones and tiles made from famous Lemnia Terra clay, which were carefully preserved and reused by local craftsmen during the restoration.

By turning the deserted buildings to a unique project of authentic hospitality, the Varos village itself grows again while still preserving the area’s culture and tradition. We are breathing life and money back to the village since 2010, trying to bring back the local people and tourists in this small community.

At Varos Village Hotel & Residences we welcome travelers from around the world, as friends and as family, to a hospitality concept that creates long lasting memories from invaluable moments. It is all about waking up in a place where time runs slowly; where each experience and encounter satiates the soul as much as it stimulates the mind. It is the priceless sensation of being part of a community, being greeted by a genuine smile and a heartfelt ‘Kalimera’. It is feeling of fulfillment that is created you when you are welcomed into your best friend’s home. It is when there is something unmistakable about the way you feel inside.

Choose your Varos Residence and sleep in the traditional kafenio or the maternity clinic; or you might like more either the grain warehouse or the cotton warehouse with the huge mulberry tree that offers its shade for 200 years now in the back yard.
There is real history in these walls and that is what makes a stay experience here, disarmingly tangible.

Varos Village Boutique Hotel epitomizes the best of traditional Lemnian style,
convenience, absolute privacy, and comfort. Our hotel does not offer the typical location of a summer resort “on the seashore” and is not located in the bustling capital of Myrina. On the other hand, the fact that the hotel is located in the heart of Lemnos, right in the center of the island, give us a strong, competitive advantage in terms of minimum time distance. The absolutely privacy, the spacious areas, the unique sunsets and caldera’s view, our awarded restaurant & our certified homemade, Greek breakfast, our pool fulfill with thermal waters from Lemnia Terra springs, our organic veggie & herbs gardens as well as our bio vine gardens, unique design and architectural concept in combination with the personalized concierge service, make us special.
Sustainability, authenticity, Greek philoxenia and stay safe are precisely what the hospitality concept of Varos Village Hotel & Residences stands for today.

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